Why does water spurt from the Upper Straw?

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We felt it was important for us to share the heartbeat behind the design of the bottle. Our Straw Cup is intentionally designed to be easy to sip for little ones, it does not contain a bite valve inside the straw unlike other straw cups in the market. Whilst the bite valve is helpful in preventing occurrences of leaks when administering/storing beverages, what we have discovered is that often it compromises on the ease of sipping during a child’s initial encounter with a Straw Cup. 

With this in mind, when Straw Cups are used for the storage of liquids, the slight change in temperature will cause the air molecules to move faster, in turn causing a built-up of air pressure, which pushes any liquids contained in the bottle. Hence when the cap is opened, the sudden air release causes liquids to be pushed out from the straw, creating the “leaking phenomenon”. 

In such situations, what we could suggest would be to detach the lower straw when using it for storing liquids and only assembling it when little one is ready to drink. Alternatively, you may wish to store liquids with the bottle and a Storage Lid and only switch to the Straw Spout when your little one needs the bottle for drinking. 

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