Help! How do I differentiate the teat flows?

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There are currently 5 different types of teats for you to choose from!

In order to identify the teats, you may look for the number that is embossed on the right-hand corner of the teat beside the anti-colic vent. The number will indicate the type of flow the teat is based on the representation chart below:

“0” represents the Extra Slow Flow Teat (Suitable for use from birth)

“1” represents the Slow Flow Teat (Suitable for use from the first month)

“2” represents the Medium Flow Teat (Suitable for use from the third month)

“3” represents the Fast Flow Teat (Suitable for use from the sixth month)

“Y” represents Thick Feed Teat (Suitable for thick or semi-solid feeds during the sixth month weaning stage)

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