What kind of additional post-rental fees could I be charged for?

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Do not worry, you will not be charged for typical wear and tear damages on the rental device. 

Penalty fees are likely only to be charged for the following reasons:

Types of Charges


Amount of Additional Charges Applicable

Device Replacement Charges

The device is returned in a non-working condition and damaged beyond normal wear and tear. This immediately applies if the returned device is found to have sustained any:

  1. Water Damage(s) – i.e. any traces of water is found within the closed-loop Hegen PCTO™ Double Electric Breast Pump System
  1. Physical Damage(s) – i.e. any cracks, breakage or significant scratches on the device body

Up to S$270

Device Loss Charges

The device is not returned at all and Hegen does not receive the device within 14 days after the End Date of the Rental Period. 


Late Return Charges

The device is not returned on time – i.e. within 2 working days after the End Date of the Rental Period. Renter will be subject to a charge of S$10 per day past the expected date of return.  

Up to S$120

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